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MzBel slept with my boyfriend; Afia Schwarzenegger drops wild allegations (WATCH)


Afia Schwarzenegger has uncovered the genuine purpose of her issue with Mzbel.

The Ghanaian media character during a meeting on Neat FM has lost her cool after she was asked what harmed her kinship with Mabel. In reacting to the inquiry, she depicted the artist as ‘garbage’.

Proceeding to detail why their companionship has now observed them turning out to be foes, she described how MzBel subtly took part in an extramarital entanglements with her beau. ” I left my sweetheart and companion at home when I came they vanished,” she disclosed to Ola Michael, the host of the show.

As indicated by Afia Schwarzenegger, she arrived at MzBel by means of telephone and she revealed to her that ” you realize your man likes sex so he’ll return”. Communicating her stun over that remark, she stated: ” how did you realize my man likes sex?”

Standing up of temper, Afia further uncovered that at some point later, MzBel at the presence of family members during her birthday said that ” the motivation behind why I am not conversing with Blanket is that he made advances on me and he said you are not a delightful young lady”.

Notwithstanding, in a touch of issues, Afia said when she faced her beau, he admitted to her that he had an unsanctioned romance with Mzbel. Describing to Ola, she said the beau revealed to her that ” Babes, I had intercourse with your with your companion and she needed me to keep a relationship with her yet I was frightened of you so she disclosed to me she planned to coerce me”.

With all these set up, Afia said she can’t be with a companion who is continually pursuing her beaus since that wasn’t the first run through. Hear more from her in the video below.

source : plus ghana


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