Dr UN’s notorious honor conspire is as yet running and that has seen granting Reggie Rockstone.

The honor was introduced to the Hiplife legend at his working environment by Kwame Fordjour himself, the dubious originator of the honor plot which has been depicted as fake by many.

In any case, Reggie Rockstone looked past that and got the honor with fervor, saying that “when you were giving individuals, you didn’t give me and a few” and Dr UN answered that ” I have been searching for however you were elusive”.

Discussing he was eager to get the honor, Reggie Rockstone said it is on the grounds that he is regularly overlooked with regards to grants. “On the off chance that you thinking and inquiring as to why I am energized, I’ll let you know, this is on the grounds that you all never gave me sh!t”.

With regards to why he is tolerating the honor in spite of it being marked as deceitful, he said “Individuals are stating you are extortion however that is not my concern since you haven’t approached me for a dime, you haven’t taken any cash from me, truth be told, you have commended me”.

Hear more from him in the video below.


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